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Temporary Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

We service many pool builders and home users, securing the pool area with our Temporary Pool Fencing System, designed to ensure the pool area is enclosed yet still providing trades safe access through our specifically designed locally manufactured self- closing, self-latching gate.

Our fencing system is typically installed at ‘hole dug’ stage or ‘pool install’ day. It is able to be dismantled and moved to aid pool install processes and then be re installed to secure and enclose the pool.

Our installers are trained to install our fencing system to meet Australia Standards (1926.1) as best as possible, pending physical on site constraints.

Once you’ve installed permanent fencing, we can also assist you in meeting your legal obligations with Pool Safety Barriers.

Our temporary pool fencing installations can come with self-closing/self latching gates and CPR Resuscitation signage.

Is your pool safely secured?

We accredited by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) in Pool Barrier inspections. We service all around South Australia to assist you in meeting the legal obligations with Pool Safety Barriers.

Not sure what you need?

Talk to us and we’ll customise a solution that works for your needs.