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Pool Boarding

Pool Boarding

Pool Boarding is an engineered designed system using structural timbers installed on site customised to suit many pool shapes and sizes.

It can be applied onto either Fiberglass or concrete pools, pools can have water in or no water.

Our package includes, delivery, install and removal. Our two man install is carried out in a timely professional manner and our waste material is removed from site.

Once in place, any temporary pool fencing can be removed and can be a walking platform while also protecting the pool during lengthy home construction by minimising the entry of contaminants or debris. 

Learn more about the stages of Pool Boarding.

Our Pool boarding is engineered to SWL 225kg (max distributed live load of 0.25 kPa or concentrated live load of 1.0 kN on any one joist).

Not sure what you need?

Talk to us and we’ll customise a solution that works for your needs.